Church Ministries

Hospitality Ministy - The A-Team

As ambassadors for Christ and the Beech Creek Missionary Baptist Church, we strive to ensure that all who come to this church are welcomed with a smile into God's house. We attempt to show forth the glorious truth that God is hospitable to His people.

Mothers Ministry

"Servant Leaders, leading in His service".  To develop, empower, and equip the body of the church to be godly servants; and to set a standard of dignity for others to follow. John 9:4

Men's Ministry

To create and maintain an environment of trust, love and acceptance.  It is also to assist in the spiritual growth of the men of the church and community at large.  What does it mean to be Black and Christian in the 21st Century....guides and gives shape to our gatherings of fellowship and service.

Music Ministry

Beech Creek Music and Worship Ministry strives to glorify God and lead the congregation in worship by expressing His word through song and creating an atmosphere for the preached word to go forth.  Each of us is called "To inspire God's people to discover their purpose in life throught the gospel of Jesus Christ, equip them to become agents of change in their homes, in their communities, and in the world.  Ephesians 4:12


Senior Ministry - OASIS

Attending to the spiritual, physical and social needs of older adults.

Women's Ministry - WSCU

Women Serving Christ in Unity (WSCU).  To provide for the physical needs and spiritual formation of the women of Beech Creek and assist them in discovering their God-given purpose for building up the kingdom of God. 

Youth Ministry

  • Little Hearts of Wisdom Nursery.  Strives to service the youngest members and visitors of our community from ages 1 to 4.  Our goal is to facilitate an introducton of God's love in a welcoming, fune and nurturing environment.
  • Children's ChurchSpecifically designed for children ages 5 to 11, as an environment to learn and explore God's word.  It is their worship time to feel, touch and hear the Word in a format that is tailored to them.
  • Daughters of ZThe Daughters of Zelophehad, better known as the Daughters of Z, provides a place for girls ages 11 to 21 to find their voice and discuss the challenges of living a Christian life in this present age.
  • Young Men MinistryTo inspire young men to discover their purpose in life and to equip them through the gospel of Jesus Christ to be agenst of change in their homes, communities, and the world.